Getting rental apartment in London is usually an uphill task. This is especially so if you have not found a good estate agent in London for your apartment searches. The housing and property sector in London is tricky and expensive. Rental properties sell very fast and are comparably higher in demand in London than in any other city around the world. Therefore, that’s quite important to start looking for a rental property in London even before you land in the city. Fortunately, there are quite a few credible property agents that you can use to get a flat in London for rent. Here is some important information on getting rental apartment in London.

Whether you want to live in London, London outskirts or anywhere in the UK, there are two main ways through which you can get accommodation. These two methods of getting accommodation in London are the following:

    • Getting rental apartment in London through direct search
    • Using real estate agents to get a flat in London

Direct Search for Rental Apartment in London

You can search for a flat in London through going directly to the newspapers, forums and website listings. This is when you are prepared to face the risks that come with these types of house hunting in London. Among the most popular of websites for this in London is our website Here you can get listings of sharing-rooms and flats for rental in Maida Vale, Clapham, Shoreditch or anywhere you want in London. You will also get the prices attached to these rental properties.

The best thing about this method of searching for rental flats in London, you do not have to pay agency fees. This is because you can contact the landlord directly. You also have a chance to land a short-term rental flat or house. Additionally, you can get away with the need to proof that you have a job before getting a rental flat (this is a must for credible estate agents).
On the downside, in addition to consuming a lot of your time that you would have spent doing something else, the risks involved in this method outweighs the benefits. You may, for example, find that the flat is inhabitable when you have already paid out.

Using Real Estate Agents to Get a Flat in London

This is the safest and sometimes the fastest. However, you need to provide documentation such as proof that you have a job and of residence in the UK, a bank account in England (not always mandatory, but essential to have), and letters of reference from previous landlords (not always but sometimes needed).

Using a real estate agent will give you an opportunity to enter into a legal agreement with the agency and as an extension, the landlord. You can turn to this in an event of a dispute arising during your tenancy. It will also give you the leeway to turn to the agency in case of any problems with the flat during your stay. It should be noted that the agency fees charged rather cements the legal agreement and far much help than harm your efforts of looking for a flat in London and living comfortably.

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