London is big, busy, noisy and self-driven. Its streets are filled with people in a rush, its homes are shared by people who don’t seem to rest. It is a magical sight if you have a moment to take a step back and enjoy the show of a lifetime – a human-sized anthouse.

This essence of speed scattered all throughout the city gives birth to two misconceptions:

“Look around. Everyone is busy. This means that there are enough jobs for everyone here. I’ll find a perfect place to work with ease.” – is the first one.

“How can I find a job here? Even the cats and dogs seem busier than in my hometown. Everything must be occupied by no” – is number two.

Needless to say – both are wrong.

Yet, surprisingly both are true.

Nothing is impossible in London but something as important as finding a perfect job is definitely challenging due to high expectations and even higher competition. How does one nail it then?

Tip #1 – Who are you?

Not only do you need to know about the job you wish to obtain, but you also need to know what you have to offer. Is your skillset an adequate fit for the role or do you need additional training? Perhaps you are a bit overqualified? Who knows?

You need to monitor such details and nuances in order to stay in the game as a competitor, not as yet another CV in the large pile of misfits.

Tip #2 – Know where to look?

Did you check The Guardian’s job pages? What about other press, freelancer websites or LinkedIn? The odds are that you’ll answer with a solid, ground-shattering ‘Yes’. But what about the less convenient sources?

Did you know that a lot of businesses publish job offerings on their social media pages?

Try following the brands you’d like to work for on social media and if nothing else – you’d get the feel of their corporate culture. Feel free to use it as a competitive edge for your interview.

Tip #3 – Stay mobile

There’s nothing wrong about walking around with your CV and sharing it with small business owners on the way. A lot of companies that are on the smaller side of things have enough on their plate as there is. They’ll appreciate your motivation and the pro-active approach, especially if we are talking about the representatives from the service industry.

Tip #4 – The more the merrier

There is a lot of competition in London so you might lose one spot because there was someone better or smarter there already. Why not become that guy or girl? No one limits the number of applications you can send and you re destined to get a response from at least somewhere. Remember that there is always a ‘YES’ that follows ten ‘NOs’ so why waste it?

Tip #5 – Networking

Have you ever heard about the five handshakes rule? If put simply it means that people know people and you can meet whoever you want in the whole wide world if you sort your acquaintances right.

The same applies to job searches. There are people that you know who know the people that need some help right now. Don’t be shy and ask your friends for help.

Tip #6 – Work on your profiles

Your social media profiles (especially LinkedIn) are your visit card in the world of job seeking. Recruiters and HR managers have already learned to pay attention to the first and ask questions later.

Keep your online presence crisp and clean and you’ll get that job you want much sooner.

Tip #7 – Do something

There are many opportunities for people in London. Try doing some volunteering work. Sure, it doesn’t pay the bills, but it is an amazing medium for meeting new people. Not only that but you can also prove your worth, skills and dedication as a volunteer. Their qualities are always a big fat plus on your resume.

Tip #8 – Get professional help

There are hundreds if not thousands of recruiter agencies in London. The people, there are interested in getting you the job you want as their commission depends on it. Moreover, they have the network and the connections to employ an elephant onto the parliament. Why not give them a shot?

Tip #9 – Start working

This may seem weird but you may start working before you get a job. If your skillset allows it – try out the life of a freelancer. You might even have to do a few projects cheaper than usual (not for free though. Never do work for free) to build up an impressive portfolio.

This method is easy, it opens a lot of opportunities and builds amazing connections with people with whom you might work successfully for the rest of your life.

Tip #10 – Go online

There are many opportunities to earn online, some of which might be something you’ve never heard of but were dreaming to try out nonetheless. Blockchain mining, stock exchange, copywriting, graphical design, watching ads… The list can go on and on forever and all of those jobs can pay the bills if not more.

Use google to your advantage, search carefully, watch out for scams and who knows? Perhaps you won’t ever get back to looking for a job again!








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