Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of directing the positive and negative energies of your home. It is told to bring luck, peace, and harmony into one’s household.

Believe it or not, but many interior designers are constantly using Feng Shui principles in their work whether they believe in the Qi energy stuff or not because the simplicity and minimalistic nature of the art are a pitch-perfect fit for modern flats.

1. The ultimate Feng Shui taboo

We all have that one cracked mug that’s oh-so-perfect for enjoying one’s afternoon tea. What about it, you ask?

You might not like what’s coming next, but Feng Shui teaches us that broken objects are the perfect vessel for negative energy. You’ll have to muster the will and get rid of every broken thing in your home.

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but once you’ll get to it, you will be shocked with the insane volumes of clutter we store for no obvious reason other than, “eh, I guess it might come in handy one day”. Needless to say, that one day never comes. Why clutter your house then?

2. Let the luck in

Your front door is a quintessential element of Feng Shui. Luck does need to enter your home somehow. To top things off, said luck is particularly picky.

If your front door is facing north, you should paint it black or blue. Brown and green colors work for East-facing entrances. Grey and white are the colors of the West. South is a bit flashier – red or yellow should do the trick.

3. Where does the bed go?

The placement of your bed in the bedroom is as simple as snow – make sure it’s diagonally across from the bedroom door and you are peachy.

The couch, as well as the rest of the furniture in your living room,  is a bit more troublesome. You are to lay them out in a circular formation to ensure the best flow of good energy. Yes, this approach may seem a bit unorthodox, but try to keep an open mind – give it a shot. The odds are you’ll fall in love with your new living room from first sight.

4. No place for a mirror

Speaking of bedrooms, they are a particularly lousy spot for mirrors. You see, mirrors are known for their ability to drain energy and a man is most vulnerable when asleep. That’s why it is best to remove the mirror from your bedroom entirely or, if that’s not an option, hang it in a place where its surface can’t reflect your bed.

A mirror shouldn’t reflect your front door either, because it will absorb the energies that are coming to your home. What’s the point of painting your front door then?

5. Don’t hide the towels

Fresh, clean towels are neat and cozy as is. Naturally, they have tons and more positive energy to them. Keep them where you can see them, to benefit from the positive effects.

Hide them in a drawer though, and you’ll trap their goodness inside as well.

6. Go wild with bamboo

Bamboo is the jelly to Feng Shui’s peanut butter. It is a natural material that represents plant life, growth, strength, and, of course, good luck.

And the best part about bamboo is that you can use as much of it as your heart desires in any room or in all of them.

Feng Shui aside, the warm, pastel brown of bamboo will become your droplet of nature in the concrete jungle that is London so you can’t possibly go wrong with it.

7. An elephant in the room

Elephants represent good luck, wealth, and fortune in Chinese culture. They are also the symbols of wisdom and a calm, stress-free mindset. Have you ever seen an elephant that’s freaking out? Exactly!

An elephant statuette in your home or even a tiny ornament that depicts the mighty beast will serve as a protective charm and the bearer of good fortune.

8. The horseshoe charm

We’ve all heard that a horseshoe is an incredibly powerful good luck charm. But here’s the trick – we tend to hand it upside down causing all of the good luck to fall out because… gravity?

Hang the horseshoe upwards though, and the luck will stick and stack up in it as if the rural element of décor is a nice bowl of charms.

9. A bowl of fruit

Having a bowl of fruit on display can symbolize wealth, prosperity, and a healthy appetite. You’d be surprised, but according to Feng Shui, the fruit not only attract good luck but are also capable of shielding your home from negative energy.

If not for anything else, you’ll at least have a healthy snack at your fingertips so it’s a win-win in our book.

10. Do the plumbing

A leaking pipe can easily drain luck, wealth, and good fortune from your home. It’s best if you do the plumbing as soon as you hear those nasty drops falling.

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