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About Living In London

Our cheeky guide for London newcomers.

12 Super Fun Things To Do On The Last Weekend Of 2018

2018 is almost gone. We’ve but a single weekend left. Why not make the most of it then? Easier said than done because there is a tiny bitsy catch: it’s kinda hard not to have fun in the Smoke right now as we are bursting through the festive season. London is...

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5 Cool And Quirky Hobbies You Can Pick Up In London In 2019

I’m almost done with my resolutions for 2019. Learn Spanish? Check. Quit smoking? For the 5th year in a row – check. Resume my gym membership and get in shape before summer? Check, check, check! What am I missing? Oh, right. I need a new hobby. But I don’t want it to...

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All You Need To Know About The Sharing Economy Of London

Sharing is caring. We’ve all known that since kindergarten (and I hope you won’t forget when you’ll get to the social buttons below this post) but it is the connectivity paired with the spread of technology that has allowed the old saying to shine with new colors....

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