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About Living In London

Our cheeky guide for London newcomers.

All You Need To Know About The Sharing Economy Of London

Sharing is caring. We’ve all known that since kindergarten (and I hope you won’t forget when you’ll get to the social buttons below this post) but it is the connectivity paired with the spread of technology that has allowed the old saying to shine with new colors....

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London VS The UK: Is There A Difference?

London is the capital of Great Britain – that’s the first thing they teach in English class in schools all over the world. But is the Big Smoke representative of the entire country? Is it the essence of the United Kingdom? “Hell no”, is the shortest answer. Saying...

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The Hidden Costs Of Renting In London

Renting a property is expensive. Renting one in London is… Oh, who am I saying this to? You already know the whole gist, don’t you? Just like you know about all of the perks and benefits of living in a vibrant, colorful, diverse forge of a city that has more...

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Your Ultimate Guide To A London Style Halloween

Halloween is a spooky holiday that marks the day when the spirits of the dead all journey into the underworld. In London, however, the only spirits that are journeying somewhere are gin, brandy, and whiskey. Yes, we are not too keen on the whole Jack O’ Lantern deal...

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6 Crucial Things To Do After Moving To London

So, you are here. The Big Smoke is yours to conquer. The hard part of moving here is over. It’s time to open champagne. Or is it? I’d hold on to those glasses for just a little while longer if I were you. There are still many things you need to do. And no, I am not...

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3 Smart Tips For Savvy Renters

Renting a flat in a city as vast and humongous as London is a pretty big deal. You’ll need the researching skills of Sherlock Holmes, the dedication of Winston Churchill, and the sense of humor of Jimmy Carr to pull it off without losing your mind. (Or you can give us...

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Live Your Dream in These 4 LGBT-Friendly Areas of London

I sincerely believe that some (and I can’t stress this enough: SOME, not all) stereotypes are there for a reason. If so many foreigners choose to believe that the majority of the British are rather conservative, these people must be basing their opinion on something,...

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How To Talk To A Londoner?

How does one make friends? By talking to new people. At least this is how things work on paper. In reality, however, it’s easier for you to conquer Poland all by yourself, than to meet and have fun with total strangers. Especially if you have just moved to a new city...

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