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London has several neighborhoods designed for family’s comfort. If you’re thinking of moving to London with your loved ones finding a neighborhood that offers a family-friendly environment, great schools, parks and a sense of community is crucial. In this blog post we’ll explore some of the best places in London for families.


Situated in Southeast London Greenwich is highly recommended for families. You can enjoy Greenwich Park, a spot for picnics and outdoor activities. Kids can have fun experiences at the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum. With schools and a safe community Greenwich is a place to settle down with your family.


Tucked away along the banks of the River Thames lies Richmond—a suburban retreat. It’s renowned for its spaces, such as Richmond Park—the largest Royal Park in London—where families can enjoy leisurely walks, cycling and perhaps even spot deer in this vast natural reserve. Richmond also fosters a sense of community, with top notch schools and an enchanting town center.


Situated in the northwest of London, Hampstead offers an family lifestyle while still being conveniently close to the city center. Hampstead Heath, a sprawling sanctuary is perfect for adventures with your children. The area is well regarded for its schools and a knit community that organizes various family friendly events throughout the year.

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Known not for its tennis tournaments, Wimbledon is also an ideal place for families. The neighborhood boasts an array of parks, including Wimbledon Common as numerous sports and leisure facilities. The schools here have a great reputation, and the Wimbledon Village area exudes charm with its boutique shops and cozy cafes.


Nestled away in London Barnes is a treasure for families. Its leafy streets, riverside location, and Barnes Common offer plenty of opportunities for activities. Barnes is also home to secondary schools making it a popular choice among parents. The neighborhood has a village atmosphere with various shops and cafes catering to families.


Another family friendly neighborhood in London is Kew. The Royal Botanic Gardens here provide an escape for families who love nature while Kew Green offers a spot for picnics and playtime. Kew is known for its rated schools and the neighborhoods calm atmosphere.


Tucked away in West London Chiswick welcomes families with arms. This area boasts a variety of parks and green spaces including Chiswick House and Gardens. Families can explore farmers markets, enjoy events and access excellent schools. Chiswick’s strong sense of community and family friendly ambiance make it an excellent choice for settling down.

Muswell Hill

Situated in North London Muswell Hill provides a tranquil environment for families. Alexandra Park offers a playground and picturesque city views. The neighborhood offers a range of secondary schools, including some private institutions. Muswell Hills diverse community and charming shopping areas create an inviting haven for families.

A quiet corner of Blackheath village, near Greenwich in south east London. The area retains the old-worlde character of centuries gone by and the grassy common is a popular place for sports and relaxation.


Located in South East London, Blackheath is renowned for its heath that serves as an ideal setting for family picnics, kite flying, and outdoor games. The area fosters a knit community spirit while providing wonderful schools. Additionally, the charming village with its cafes and shops caters to the needs of families.


located in the part of London, is becoming increasingly popular among families, having gained attention due to Wanstead Park. This neighborhood boasts a knit community and is well known for its family friendly environment.

There are many family friendly neighborhoods in London, each with its own unique advantages and amenities. When deciding on the place to live in London for your family consider your lifestyle, proximity to schools, access to spaces and community events. Whether you prefer the tranquil charm of Richmond or the lively culture of Muswell Hill, London waiting to embrace your family.

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