Best Bike Shops in London

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Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation

Whether you are a local or a visitor looking to get around town on two wheels, London has the best bike shops guaranteed to meet your needs. Bikes are an eco-friendly and convenient way to move about the city, and knowing where to purchase, repair, or hire a bike goes a long way in ensuring your needs are addressed. Contact us to learn more about london property rental

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, and your means of transportation are critical to ensure you get around the city efficiently. Bikes are an excellent alternative to get you from point A to point B without damaging the environment and exercising simultaneously. Here are some of the popular bike services in London.


Bike Shops for Going Fast


Swift Cycles

If you are looking for a fast bike, this hidden gem has various options, from every day to high-quality machines. Switch Cycles is a staple of Liverpool Street, offering various services such as repairs, same-day servicing, and repairs. Additionally, they leverage state-of-the-art equipment to provide fitting bike service, utilizing motion cameras to ensure you position all the energy out of your legs. The team of experts at Swift Cycles is knowledgeable and friendly, giving you peace of mind as you ride through the Streets of London.



Cadence is in Crystal Palace, not London’s most local bike shop. However, it guarantees top-notch products that make the trip worthwhile. Besides Giant’s wide range of bikes, customers can access accessories, a studio for all their fitness needs, fitting bike service, and a good café. If you don’t plan a specific route, we recommend riding to Surrey and Kent on a high-quality bike from Cadence. With all London bike services, Swift Cycles and Cadence offer high-speed bikes.


Best Shops for Getting Your Bike Fixed

Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation

Brixton Cycles

As a staple of the community, Brixton Cycles was a beneficiary of crowdfunding efforts following the demolition of the initial building. However, the reputable bike repair service moved to new premises, expanding their venture to feature a café stocked by “Look Mum No Hands.” The highly trained professionals assess, detect, diagnose, and address the problem before it becomes more pronounced. If you suspect a problem with your bike, consult the experts at Brixton Cycles for professional repairs and maintenance.


London Bicycle Workshop

If you are looking for a non-sense bike repair shop in London, you have come to the right place. Right in the middle of Zone 1, their trained experts have extensive industry knowledge and expertise, not to mention competitive market rates without compromising the quality of service. It would help if you didn’t put your bike in storage because of minor damages. Contact London Bicycle Workshop for a precise quote on repairs and access to tons of gear to accessorize your bike.


London Bike Kitchen

Whether you are dealing with a wobbly wheel or break issue, you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs. London Bike Kitchen offers customers pocket-friendly rates, alleviating the risks associated with DIY repair projects. The London Bike Kitchen offers customers a collaborative space where they can bring their bikes in for repairs and take up an active role in repairs. Leverage a complete tool library and our expertise to answer any questions you may have and gain access to a fully stocked components shop for all your needs. The next time your bike needs repairs, the skills gained at the London Bike Kitchen will get you through.



Do you need a reputable bike repair shop that can handle almost anything? Cycleworx is a staple of the Southfields residential street, with a dedicated team of experts ready to fix your bike. According to their landing pages, Cycleworx leverages state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee long-term solutions to all your problems. In addition, they sell a wide range of gear, making your trip to the South worthwhile.


Best Bike Shops for Commuting

Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation

Brompton Junction

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, hence the need for a trusted transportation service. Brompton Bikes has a stellar reputation for getting people where they need to be, whether early in the morning for work or heading home after a pint late at night. The folding bike design is their signature, providing convenient solutions so you don’t have to leave your bike outside. Many streets in London are full of traffic, which makes driving a nightmare. Brompton bikes are an efficient solution to maneuver the city without delays.



Velorution is the master of urban cycling, stocking a wide range of equipment and clothing to get you from one location to another seamlessly. Check out the variety of electric bikes, jeans designed for cycling, or Dutch cycling at Velorution to enjoy quality services at pocket-friendly rates. Please schedule a consultation with their cycling experts to find the most suitable solutions for your cycling needs.


Best Bike Shop for Looking Good



Cycling across the city is more than just riding on the best bike; but also involves dressing for the part. Rapha provides cyclists with some of the most respected clothing brands in cycling, the kit to Bradley Wiggins, and everything you could need to wear while on two wheels. Whether you are training for a race or commuting to work, they have a vast catalog of bikes and clothes you can try out in their Spitalfields store. Each Rapha location features a café with bike racing and parking on TV – pretty much all the time.


Best Bike Shops for Something Different

Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation

Isambard’s Cycles

The professionals at Isambard’s Cycles are the defibrillators for bikes – bringing old bikes to life. The store specializes in reconditioning machines and caters to all levels of repairs without compromising the overall service cost. Whether you need something reliable to get around London or a retro racing machine, these guys can help you find exactly what you need. You don’t have to worry about knowing the vocabulary; use their extensive knowledge and experience to make an informed decision.

Some popular bike shops in London offer various services to suit your needs. Finding the right bike shop in the city can be time-consuming and rigorous, hence the need for professional help to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for in London.

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Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation
Best Bike Shops in London - London Relocation