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Americans Moving To London – The Complete Guide

Are you American and thinking of moving to London from the US? First of all, this is a great fete that will thrill you all the way and worth venturing into. This is because London is one of the best cities in the world for one to live in and work. However, it is of paramount importance to get the necessary information that is needed for one thinking of moving to London from the United States of America and living there for a long time or permanently. Some of this information can be gotten from friends and families that have already relocated to the city. Unfortunately, the London relocation experience is different in different people. This is why you need to read on to have the best information concerning relocating to London from America. Contact us to learn more about relocation agency london

Relocating to and Living in London from the USA


As an American, you do not belong to the category of relocating individuals from the UK or the EU zone. This means that you will need to sort out your visa issues before you leave the States to the UK. Note that you need more than a tourist visa because this one will not give you the right to live or work in London. If you are relocating to London to work but you do not have the UK or EU passport, you will certainly need a work visa or permit. If you are coming to the city for academic purposes, you will only need a student visa.

For issues to do with immigration, you are better off going straight to the UK government website or other credible websites where you will be able to read in simple English, the type of visa that you require in order to permanently live and work in London. While moving to London from the US as a tourist does not in many cases need a visa, it does not give you the right to work. In any case, you will be deported or barred re-entry up to ten years if you are caught working without the proper type of visa.

Unlike other many places in the UK, public attitudes towards immigrants are very positive in London. This may be explained by the fact that more than a third of residents in the city were born outside the United Kingdom. In any case, when moving to London from US, expect to meet amazing people, to have exciting experiences, and to experience new ways of doing things. Your relocation will definitely be worthwhile and fulfilling in many ways.

Living in the City Of London


The city of London is full of exciting villages and neighborhoods that are linked together by a network of trains, buses, trams, and the underground. Coming from the Us to London, you will quickly realize that the city has its own rules of the thumb similar to what you are used to back in the United States. For example, the further out of the city center that you go, the better will be the rental and property costs. The closer the rental place to a station, the more expensive you will expect it to be.

Moving from America to London comes with its own challenges. There are differences in the way Americans conduct themselves from the way people live in London. Apart from common laws, the rules and procedures are different in the UK. This calls for more caution and one should keep in mind that they are not in America. There are things that Americans should know as they plan to move to London:

Where To Live

London is an expensive city. Where to live in London is a difficult decision. This has led to the emergence of con men who disguise as landlords. It is advisable not to wire money before seeing the actual property that you are paying for. Living in zone 1 and 2 is even more expensive with rent ranging from 300 euros to 400 euros a week. For cheaper houses, one should consider moving further outside the city. Americans moving to London on a budget might opt to share a flat to split the rent. Council is also expensive depending on where you live, it should be considered before accepting a lease just to make sure you budget for it.



Some roads in London are narrow, probably because they were initially built to be used by horses not cars. In case you are planning in shipping your car, it is important you know that you can only drive it with the existing foreign plate for one year. Using the bus is usually a tiresome and a time-wasting experience in London. People who are not familiar with the streets of London riding the bus is a great way of learning your way around. The bus is cheap and a seat is guaranteed. It is important to have the city’s map, this could be downloaded to the phone. In case you get lost it becomes handy.

Electricity In London

UK’s voltage is at 240 Volts. This is high compared to most places in America. North America’s voltage is half that of London. Everything electrical is better if left behind in America. Most devices, however, use 120Volts to 240Volts making them compatible. Compatibility has to be ensured by checking the fine print before plugging. If this is not followed strictly disaster is bound to occur endangering lives.


Schools in London dictate where people live. For Americans, there exists one American school in London. The American school in London offers the American system of education. If moving with children that are school going, you might want to consider enrolling them at the school in advance. The UK system of education has a different structure and might be challenging for children who have just changed the environment.


London has a serene environment for keeping your pet. Most parks allow pets inside so do most shops and pubs. Although pets are no problem in these areas flat owners have a problem. Some landlords consider pets as a nuisance to other tenants, especially at night. You can always negotiate and be allowed to keep your pet at extra rent.

Moving from New York to London


Which metropolitan area is a better place to call home? Many Americans are anxious about moving from New York to London. But after they find a flat with London Relocation, their anxiety dissipates because they realize that they are moving to a great city (and in LR’s opinion, the best city in the world!). However, we understand that it’s hard to leave the states behind, especially if you’re leaving behind New York City. I’ve moved from NYC recently, and I know it isn’t easy. A lot of people ask me which city I prefer. It’s a contentious question, one that has been asked, discussed and argued for as long as New York and London have been two of the largest most cosmopolitan cities in the world and I’m sure you’ve encountered it.

Which City is Better London or New York?

When I was living in New York City I was irritated at the way New Yorkers discussed their city, as if there was no world outside of Manhattan. Whenever I visited my friends in Hastings on Hudson, a town thirty minutes away from the city, my fellow New Yorkers called this excursion, a ride into “the country.” New Yorkers used this term to describe any part of their state not located in the five boroughs. I scoffed at this attitude… before I adopted it myself! There is so much to love about New York: the endless evenings, the super-fast transport, the art scene… When I was living there it really did feel like there is no place better in the whole world. However, I love London More! Of course, my opinion is just one opinion, but a slew of London-living ex-pats agree with me! Why? It may seem crazy, but what London lacks in the intense dazzle of New York City, it makes up for in English charm.

I can get a bit more specific. I have a long-running mental list of why I prefer London to New York. In London, you’re a short plane flight, channel ride, or boat ride away from all of Europe. In London, you don’t freeze for half of the year. Seriously, In London, there is more green space so you don’t experience that rat-trapped-in-a-maze feeling. Also, as surprising as it might seem, although London’s nightlife closes down earlier, trust me, it’s no less lively than NYC! According to Trip Advisor, London even has more nightlife spots. According to this Guardian article that discusses the art and culture of the world’s largest cities, London also has more museums than NYC!

So, although I will always look back on my time in NYC fondly, London has stolen my heart forever. It’s my favorite city, my favorite place in the whole world. You’ll see for yourself if you’re lucky enough to move here, speaking of, if you’re relocating, give us a call!

Why does everyone want to go to London? Note these 11 reasons:

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is a city unlike any other in the world. It is a major world tourist destination. People wish to be in London for many different reasons, listed below are a few of them:

London is a large enjoyable city to live in. Everyone wishes to live in a large city. London is a very large city, and it is fun to live there because of the many things going on there. You will never get bored when living in London.

The hospitality is amazing in London. The people of London are so generous and welcoming. They show readiness to accommodate visitors whereas they act like the hosts while the visitors being their guests. They are interesting, hospitable to visitors.

The cool climate of London attracts many. The climate of London is very cool; rainfall is fair occurring throughout the year. The London climate favors human survival. It is more enjoyable to have tours and visits to London so as to experience the cool climate. This is one of the factors which have made London one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

The availability of cultural centers, media, and technological centers is also attractive. The City of London provides several newsletters to keep you informed about what is going on in the city. Cultural centers, media, and technological centers. Everybody needs to be entertained, and these are great sources of entertainment. This is increasingly leading to improved living standards of people living in London. Through the availability of Cultural centers, people are able to practice their culture which makes them united. The story of London is ever so long and dramatic. So much of the culture developed in this city is more than you can remember when you visit some of its museums and the historical attractions.

London is a city full of delicious foods. London foods can also be sweet and delicious. This makes everyone wish to visit the country to at least get a taste of their foods. These foods are offered in luxurious hotels and restaurants which everyone would want to spend some time in. One can get both traditional and modern foods in London.

The many attractions in London will make your trip memorable. London has got many exciting attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds. The city is well set up with modern buildings which show that it is really a developed city indeed. London has got the best theatre scene compared to the other cities. People from all over the world who are good at acting, music and classic plays come to London for performance.

There are plenty of places to stay in London on your affordable budget, including cheap hotels, comfortable beds, and breakfast. There is enough accommodation in London. The city has many famous luxury hotels as well hostels which are a bit cheaper to accommodate those who cannot afford the cost of the expensive hotels.

There are beautiful attractions such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds which makes your trip so memorable.
There are many famous sites in London. Nothing feels so enjoyable like traveling on a double-deck bus and has a full view of London and seeing the most recognizable sites in the world.

There are many affordable lifestyles in London. Whether you are rich or a middle-class individual, London remains to be the best place for you to get affordable shopping. There are very quality items such as leather handbags for ladies and leather shoes for both men and women.

The nightlife in London is amazing. Londoners work very hard for their daily living but they also spend some time having fun. Classic pubs, theatres packed with Hollywood stars are some of the recreational facilities available in London. You can book evening tickets for events such as comedy shows and great live concerts. The biggest stars in the world make London recognizable.

Moving to London with Family


Relocating from one place to another can be both exciting and overwhelming, more so when the distance involved is intercontinental. Moving To London with family can be challenging especially to the unprepared and those with no insider information about London. There is, therefore, a need for any person wishing to relocate to London to have insider information of what London entails as an international destination. Knowing what to expect when moving to London takes a huge burden of worry off the shoulders of travelers from international areas of origin. Once a decision of moving to London from New York has been made, many families start wondering how their new life there would be. Some fantasize and spend sleepless nights dreaming of what to expect. The feeling may be either sad or exciting depending on the mental pictures that every traveler will have of the place.

Fortunately, you do not have to actually move to London before you know what to expect there. Read on, in order to know exactly what to expect when moving from New York and relocating to London with family.

Moving to London – Demographics

When moving to London from New York you will quickly realize that the demographics of the two cities are comparable, with quite a number of ethnic groups and many diverse languages. However, the crowd you expect in London is not what you are used to in New York. The two cities have almost the same number of residents (about eight million) but London is about twice as big as New York and therefore less crowded. Those moving from New York to London quickly realize that the city is unlike New York, welcoming with nice green transportation networks and hospitable residents.

Moving to London for Attractions and Great Weather

When comparing the two cities, London is far from being a city of perpetual rain. The city rarely rises above 24 or goes beyond zero (Degrees Celsius) in terms of temperature. This provides former New Yorkers the opportunity to enjoy a milder climate. In terms of attractions, the two cities are so to say, at par. However, London provides richer historical attractions. Families moving to London are able to enjoy remnants of Roman walls by taking a casual stroll down the Tower Hill and other areas like Abbey Road.

If your family was in love with green spaces in New York, Central Park (that is only a paltry 843 acres) will quickly become a distant memory. This is because London’s royal parks cover practically 5,000 acres.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in London is similar to that of New York despite the fact that it is the most expensive in the United Kingdom. However, Londoners enjoy lower transportation charges and reduced retail shopping experiences. The city is also famed for prestigious academic destinations in the world.

In short, if you are planning on moving to London with family from New York, there is no reason to tense up. Owning property is also made easy by the government after it realized that Londoners prefer renting rather than buying a property.

London Relocation Services

Welcome to London relocation where people find their home guaranteed. We’re an all-inclusive service that’s helped 100% of our clients find their perfect property sign a lease and move in within their desired time frame.

You might be wondering what’s so difficult about the London property market that you can just do this on your own. Well, agents in London only hold private stock in their area they don’t share with other agencies through a multiple listing system. This means you can’t just go to one agency and see all the available options. That’s why you need London relocation. We will be your Multiple Listing system and exhaust the market. We guarantee you will find your flat through us.

We start by conducting a needs assessment so that we know what type of property you’re looking for when you’re looking to move into it and what area will best suit your lifestyle and your community. Our team will handhold you through this process to offer you personalized attention and to educate you on the local market so that there are no surprises.

Come viewing day, your personal agent will show you 18 to 25 properties. When a certain property has captured your hearts we will help you negotiate the rent and lease terms on your behalf. Customer service is our top priority.

So remember we work with the Leddy’s agents and landlords, but we work exclusively for you. Our team of London ex-pats has been there, we understand the unknowns you’re facing and we can translate the difference. We want you to settle into your new life fast and seamlessly.

So just kick back let us do the work for you. You can take my word for it or have a look at our client testimonials I think you’ll like what you hear so give us a call or fill out a web form and start your move today

Call London Relocation today to get started at 800-903-1658 from the United States or from the UK +44 20 7993 0422. Our service is 100% guaranteed to find your ideal flat in one day!

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