Super Fun Things To Do On The Last Weekend Of 2018

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12 super fun things to do on the last weekend of 2018

Fun Things in London

2018 is almost gone. We’ve but a single weekend left. Why not make the most of it then?

Easier said than done because there is a tiny bitsy catch: it’s kinda hard not to have fun in the Smoke right now as we are bursting through the festive season. Contact us to learn more about london property to rent

London is illuminated, cheerful, and jolly. Every other place looks like somewhere you need to be. Everything you can do is tempting.

And there’s only so little time to do all the stuff during the weekend.

Worry not, as we’ve come up with this list of 12 SUPER fun things to do on the last weekend of 2018. One for each month of the passing year.

Eating out

You can’t have tons of fun on an empty stomach, can you? Especially not in the international foodie capital! So what are the spiciest places to grab a bite during the weekend?

  • Wingmans. The name of this place is pretty self-explanatory. They serve wings. All kinds of wings. Including vegan and vegetarian options. Top them off with fine craft beers on tap and an out-of-this-world cocktail map and you’ll get why Wingmans is a  time award winning “street food place” turned restaurant.
  • The Belrose. Italian-inspired rustic food, craft beers and an exceptional choice of wines make this place a quintessential stop in any foodie’s journey to a gastronomical nirvana. A cozy, home-like atmosphere makes the time you spent here feel like a warm, family holiday. Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered before attending all the crazier places on New Year’s Eve?
  • Levan. If there is one thing you never knew you wanted it’s nomming on mouthwatering mushroom tempura while listening to Disco. The wild 80es party vibe makes an unforgettable impression in your heart and that’s exactly what you want to mark the end of the year.



Now that your body is full and happy, it’s time to think about feeding your inner world. And is there a better place to serve an exquisite enough dish than theatre?

  • The Cane. According to the critics, this is one of Mark Ravenhill’s best new plays and that alone says a lot about the Cane. This troubled, unsettling drama about modern education values turns into a surreal black comedy after a series of twists and turns. And yet it manages to do so without losing in meaning, spirit, or atmosphere. Tickets start at 12 quid.
  • Circus 1903. The Cane is brilliant yet very grounded. It gets up close to you. Too close for comfort even. And if you’d much rather prefer something more lighthearted and pompous – go for the Circus 1903, a show of daredevil gymnasts and colossal elephant puppets that proves a show doesn’t lose any entertaining value by skipping on animal cruelty.
  • Hansel & Gretel. What about something for the little ones, you ask? Check out the heartwarming opera from 1893 with a flair of a modern makeover. There’s nothing like the tales of true love, friendship, and magic overpowering anything that stands on their way to rise the cheer-levels in your heart.


Quirky fun

The holiday season wouldn’t be any fun without at least one quirk. Or should I say 3?

  • Winter’s a Drag. A funky, Christmassy performance of the drag kings & queens can only be described with one word – unforgettable. Do note that this day-long event is surprisingly hot despite its name.
  • The Four Realms at Christmas. This is a bizarre, yet pompous show by the famous Bompas & Parr is a bold re-imagining of Disney’s Nutcracker with a major difference: you can eat your way through this story enjoying the flavors of gorgeous experimental food.
  • Plonk! It’s like golf but for people who actually want to have fun. Enjoy the creative courses that loop in unexpected ways, drop the ball only to shoot it up again and twist like crazy. This bright, colorful game has just entered the basement of the Peckham Levels. Just give it a go.



Lastly, you’ll need at least one trinket to remember 2018 by. When else to buy it than on the last weekend of the year?

  • Kingston Christmas Market. Hand-made gifts, delightful souvenirs and some of the best street food in London all wrapped up in a comfy spirit of an age-old bazar. What else could one want from a shopping experience?
  • Columbia Road Flower Market. Come here for all thing herbal, lively and green that you’ve already missed so much during the cold, rainy months of Autumn and Winter.
  • Oxford Street. Yes, the entirety of it. Sue, it’ll be crowded during the holiday season but the deals and the discounts are on fire right now especially for the stuff they didn’t manage to sell before Christmas. These deals might just be worth your while.


These are my suggestions for a super cool weekend in London. What are yours?

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